Linen Care & Laundering Best Practice

01 Jun

Linen Fabric-  Linen is a Natural Fibre derived from the Flax plant... it is grown in many Countries around the World and has had an upsurge in popularity in recent years.

Uses- Popluar for bedding and Manchester as well as Clothing as it cool, casual; but chic and has that beautiful home-grown wholesomeness that modern Women love to love. 

Drapes beautifully and soften with age

Properties- loose to tightly woven fibres depending on final use of fabric;  

Wearing- Good wearing properties, Cool and wicks away moisture as it dries quickly- 

Laundering Frequency - I recommend spot cleaning first.... a light detergent and cold water will remove most stains without the need to soak, eg tea and coffee will spot clean easily: Hot water sets stain so hot water is not recommended.

How to launder-  I recommend hand-washing as it extends the life of your clothing.  Cold water and soft soapy dip and squeeze with a light rub to stained areas.

I wrap my clothes in a towel and then machine spin then and while they are still wet I smooth out seams with my hands and fold to flatten.  Line drying is fine but dont stretch out when placing on the line.  OR dry flat over towel on clothes airer.

To Iron or not to Iron.

If you like the crisp look of a tailored garment then ironing it is!!... Dont overdry and press from the inside so that you dont polish the fibres.

I prefer a slightly rumpled look and therefore I purchased a small steamer to attend to wrinkles I dont want.... It is also possible to use a shot of steam from you iron or hang your dresses up in a the bathroom when showering to give the fibres a freshen up.   

Love your Linens xx Stacie

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